New Grips for the Slim!

Posted by Dann Adams on

Picked up a set of the Kuryakyn ISO grips in black and the matching Throttle Boss for my Harley-Davidson Softail Slim (2017). 

The install wasn't too difficult, but I'd recommend marking where all of your hardware (turn signals, run switch, etc) housings are located.

It's easiest if you loosen the two bolts holding the levers and turn signal lights on (using a T27 Torx) and then remove the two that hold the switch housings together (T25 Torx)  The throttle side grip will have gear teeth on the far end (inside the grip).

Be warned - the left grip is held on by adhesive.  There are a lot of tricks to removing the grip (WD-40, brake cleaner, etc), but I chose the easy method: a razor blade.

As long as your careful and take your time  - you shouldn't have any issues doing this yourself.

Good luck and keep your beard in the wind!